Avis Car Rental ties up with Discount Car Rentals Online

Discount Car Rentals Online makes car renting a totally convenient and hassle free experience. To bring our clients the best in car rental options and numerous attractive deals and major discount offers, we have joined hands with Avis Car Rental, a globally renowned car rental agency.

Avis Car Rental provides its services through Discount Car Rentals Online all across the United States and Canada as well as internationally. This proves quite beneficial to those who need to cross the border from the United States to Canada and vice versa. One of the most beneficial features of the Avis Car Rental service is that it offers services at various major airports throughout the United States and Canada. Even if you are vacationing in Hawaii, you can avail the services of Avis Car Rental through Discount Car Rentals Online. They provide car rental services on daily, weekly, and weekend basis. They also offer specific time bound offers to customers, or you may get a discount on choosing a particular type of car for a particular time period. These special offers may be area specific or available at all agencies associated with Avis Car Rental service.

Through our links with Avis Car Rentals, Discount Car Rentals Online is able to bring you cars to suit every budget and every need. You can choose from a whole fleet of different types of cars, ranging from economy cars to convertibles to SUVs and even passenger vans, according to your requirements and preferences.

Avis Car Rental also offers other value added services through Discount Car Rentals Online. Some of their services include:

  1. Chauffeur driven services are provided by Avis Car Rental at select locations, where you can easily book the services of a chauffeur along with the rented vehicle. Even here, you save on the charges of a chauffeur, since Avis Car Rental provides these services at about 35 % less than a car and driver service for a day.
  2. If you need a car for a longer period, you can lease the car for lower rates. The leasing agreements and the procedure are made totally convenient for the customer.
  3. 24-hour road side assistance, in case you get stuck in an emergency.
  4. Avis also provides a full range of special services and products for physically challenged passengers or drivers, as well as child safety seats, if requested by the customer.
  5. They also provide GPS navigation systems by Garmin, to help you find your destination with ease.

Discount Car Rentals Online's partnership with Avis Car Rental makes renting a car a completely hassle free process and guarantees complete customer satisfaction.