Discount Car Rentals Online and Thrifty Car Rental in Alliance

Renting a car has never been easier than when Discount Car Rentals Online and Thrifty Car Rentals joins hands to bring customers the best in car rental services. Discount Car Rentals Online and Thrifty Car Rental services have come together to provide customers with huge discounts and special offers.

Whether you are on vacation or traveling for a business convention, Discount Car Rentals Online will provide you with world class car rental services and offer special discounts and offers because of its collaboration with Dollar Car Rentals. Discount Car Rentals Online provides car rental services in all provinces of Canada, as well as the United States through Dollar Car Rentals. This enables customers to easily travel back and forth between the two countries. Restrictions apply.

Thrifty Car Rental, an international car rental service operates in the United States and Canada in collaboration with Discount Car Rentals Online. This is quite helpful to those travelers who are traveling back and forth between the two countries, as they can easily travel without having to change car rental services. Whether you are on vacation or on a business trip, we at Discount Car Rentals Online provide you with top quality car rental services and attractive deals through our tie up with Thrifty Car Rentals. This collaboration helps us offer car rental services on a daily, weekly, weekend and monthly basis. Thrifty Car Rental also provides one-way services, where you can drop the rented vehicle at pre-determined locations at very low rental rates. For rental durations of a month or more, there are other attractive discounts on offer from Discount Car Rentals Online.

Thrifty Car Rental has a large fleet of cars to choose from. You can choose from medium sized cars to convertibles and even SUVs, according to your particular needs. There are cars to suit all types of budgets and needs. Moreover, the discounts offered are based on the type of cars you choose to rent, the location and your destination. Discount Car Rentals Online offers special offers for regular travelers and corporate customers.

Regular travelers can save a lot on car rentals by opting for multi-month rental program. We also offer GPS navigation systems for easy assistance while traveling.

Apart from offering amazing discounts and special offers, the various value added services provided by Discount Car Rentals Online and Thrifty Car Rentals has made travel using car rental services very easy and pleasurable.

* SMOKING: Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group has instituted a new nationwide no-smoking policy for ALL vehicles in their fleet. Effective on January 6, when picking up their vehicle, each renter will be asked to sign the Rental Agreement which will include the following statement: "By selecting the "Accept" button below, I confirm that I understand that Dollar/Thrifty prohibits smoking in the rental vehicle. I agree that I may be liable for a charge of up to $250 if anyone smokes in the vehicle during the term of my rental."